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Ezmia, the Evil Enchantress, from the Land Of Stories

Lets start with Ezmia… You may or may not of heard of Ezmia specifically, but in case you haven’t, she is the enchantress from Sleeping Beauty’s Story.

Everybody thought she went evil just because she could, but that wasn’t it at all… everybody thought she wanted to take over the world because she was greedy and power-hungry but noooooo. Here is her story in short:

Basically, the Fairy Godmother finds Ezmia in the Otherworld. The Otherworld as in Earth. The Fairy Godmother realises that Ezmia is magical and brings Ezmia back to The Land Of Stories. Ezmia turned into one of the best fairies, and was prepared to become the head of the Happily Ever After Assembly. (Which is basically like a peace treaty sined by all the kingdoms). The other fairies turned bitter and jealous towards her. It seemed like the more she surpassed their talents, the more they tried to topple her from her pedestal of achievements. Ezmia felt alone, and she had no-one to turn too. Even when she thought she hadfound a lover, they broke her hurt in one way or another. And now she just couldn’t forgive those men, because no-one forgave her. She cursed them, and it helped ease her pain. She felt like her life was a cruel experiment to see how much heartache she could take. One day, at the fairy council meeting, a problem came up, and she chose to answer it in her own way, and not the way she would have been expected to answer. The Fairy Godmother then knew she couldn’t appoint Ezmia as Happily Ever After Assembly Leader, so she chose Emerelda instead. Ezmia felt very hurt, and when she went to her special tree that she cried on. She had cried on this very tree for years now, and that day she cried on it for days and days. When she finally looked up, she realised that it was much taller than than all the other trees because it had her tears to grow from too. She cursed it to curve and loop, so the world didn’t know of her heartbreak. There, for days and days, she had been inhaling some dust. Ahhh, this is where the plot thickens…

The Snow Queen and The Sea Witch wanted to take over the world, so they found some special dust that made someone’s heartache and pain one hundred times stronger.¬† Ezmia inhaled that dust , and her hate and rage for the world became, of course, one hundred times stronger. That’s the moment that the fragile, heartbroken¬† fairy inside her died, and the Enchantress was born. She decided from then on if the world spoke her name it would be whispered in fear rather than mocked with envy. If the world was going to take all the joy from me, she would take all the joy from the world.

So you see, everyone thinks she was fueled from fake hate, and greediness for the world, but that’s not true. She was a victim, villianised.

Nobody knew of her story. This is probably why-

“The world will always choose convenience over reality. It is easier to hate, blame and fear than it is to understand. No-one wants

the truth, they want entertainment.”

-The Evil Queen





Sorry guys, I had to rush the recount, I didn't really have the time. ?

16th Jun, 19

Villain we're supposed to sympathise with seem quite popular these days. It makes things more interesting, don't you think?

18th Jun, 19

Neither black, or white, but quite gray :)

18th Jun, 19

Definitely. Then it's like there's a whole other story involved, not just the heroines.

20th Jun, 19