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What Makes Up A Villain?

Villain’s usually are depicted as unusually ugly or supernatural, or unusually beautiful/handsome. They also usually have a vision of power or they gain something in the story. They are selfish and greedy beings. If you’re a villain, you would probably know because the protagonist would be fighting against you, for justice and peace in he world usually. They have a cause sometimes, though, and they try to achieve this cause but they act selfishly in the process. If you’ve read Land Of Stories, you’d know that the Evil Queen was just trying to set her lover free from the magic mirror.

What other things make up a villain?


inky Centre for Youth Literature

A maniacal laugh and disregard for inferiors.

29th Jun, 19

Hmmm, I don't really love 2D villains(though they're okay). I love villains where they make you have sympathy for them and they have some sort of justification. A good example would be Thanos

29th Jun, 19